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Termites Can Damage Your Home Quickly!

Termites can damage your home quickly.  Take it from me first hand as I go through the process of remodeling my own home which was damaged by termites!

Recently we discovered some odd looking planks in our wood flooring located near our front door. 

wood flooring

We purchasesd our home as a new construction home six year ago.  The wood floors were already in the home and they are a beautiful hand scrapped maple finish.  Upon first glance, it appeared like there was damage to the wood glue between the planks.  I keep a door mat at the entrance so this section was covered and we don't see it everyday.

I called the flooring company where the floors had come from to come and look so we could replace the damaged planks.  The Flooring guy had never seen anything like it before and said the boards were soft that it could be termites!

Termites is a dreaded term in Southwest Louisiana.  Everyone knows how destructive termites are and in real estate we all know you need a clear WDIR (wood destroying insect report) to close on a home.   We did not keep our termite contract current, shame on us and now I am paying the price!

Once the termite company came out they confirmed the damage was termites and our house would need to be treated which includes drilling into the concrete slab and some of the sheetrock in the front wall.

door threshhold

This is threshhold to the front door that was also damaged.  Once the flooring company pulled up the damaged flooring you could see the termites in the corners neaer the door and moving around under the concrete!

Another thing we discovered was that the builder's contractors installed the floor improperly!  The wood planks had been glued directly to the concrete and are designed as a "floating floor" that you snap together.  The flooring installer said you usually always have a pad or barrier between the concrete slab and the wood flooring that is what makes it a floating floor!  He could not believe it had been glued down incorrectly and that created a problem with correcting just a section of the floor.

Move Vegetation away from the Slab

Every home inspector will tell you that you never want to have vegetation up against your house because the soil and the mulch attract insects.  Once again something the builder did incorrectly was install the flower beds up against the brick slab!   

The termites entered through the weep holes in the brick and had eaten from the front wall to the wood flooring!   We discovered that soil and mulch was 8" too high above the slab and covered the weep holes in the brick!

Not only was the soil and mulch an issue but this area stays moist with the sprinkler system and termites like moisture!

I had a professional landscaper come to add a rock barrier to our flowerbeds, which is a frequent landscape technique that you see with new construction homes in Southwest Louisiana.

Next step was the "Termite treatment"  The termite company applies a Termidor chemical all around the slab of the exterior of the house.  


A trench is dug up next to the slab and flooded with the chemical making a mudpie up next to the brick slab.


 Termites can damage your home quickly, keep your home under termite contract and advise your buyers and sellers to do the same!  Repair, replacement and treatment for termites is costly!




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